Tour season is starting early at HFL

Tour season has started early this year at Home for Life Sanctuary. With the warmer weather, our sponsors have been anxious to visit the animals they support. A regular visitor is 13 year Ellie from Stillwater, who sponsors one of the HFL shelties Monty.She saved her babysitting money to pay for sponsorship of Monty. The special attention Ellie lavishes on Monty has really brought this very timid dog out of his shell. We had tried to involve Monty in the Renaissance Program but he was too insecure and frightened to learn anything or work with his student. Ellie and her sister Katie come out about every month and spend an hour playing with Monty in one of our fenced meadows. Monty has so much fun playing fetch and chasing the girls that he forgets he is afriad and shy.

We did another tour on Sunday for Megan and her husband, her mom and dad.Megan & Jon directed their wedding gifts to Home for Life to help our animals and have been loyal and generous sponsors for years. We were happy to have them meet the many animals they have so generously supported.

Home for Life's tour season officially begins the first weekend after Memorial Day and continues through the summer and fall. Tours are reserved for sponsors and donors and are by appointment on Wednesdays and Saturdays @1: 30 pm. For those who are curious about Home for Life but not yet supporters we have an open house planned for August in connection with our Memorial Garden event