A Glimpse of Soul at Home for Life

Mandy of Glimpses of Soul Photography, of Minneapolis was at Home for Life just a couple of weeks ago to capture photos of our animals for our sponsors, spending two afternoons with us at the sanctuary. Sponsors of the Home for Life animals receive regular updates on the goings on at the sanctuary as well as current photos of the animals they sponsor, taken by professional photographers like Mandy, who generously donate their time and talent in support of our sponsorship program. Mandy has posted many of her beautiful photos on her blog, and with her permission,we are so happy to be able share them with all of you as well. From Mandy's blog entry about her visit to Home for Life:

"A year and a half after my first visit, I returned to Home For Life: The Animal Sanctuary of St. Croix Valley. Home For Life is a great organization that provides a home for animals who have been deemed unadoptable. They live in buildings full of couches and baskets and blankets and toys and are given access to big fields to exercise. They’re cared for by an amazingly hard-working staff who know the animals by name, know their stories and their temperaments.
This trip to HFL was no less inspiring and it was so nice to see familiar animal faces – ones I’d photographed during my last trip – still living happy lives 18 months later. This isn’t just a temporary spot for these animals to stay for a few days or weeks. This is their home.
I don’t know how HFL manages to coordinate everything – the regular care, the special needs & medical care, keeping track of who isn’t friends with whom – but I do know that they need support to do it. On their website, under the How To Help tab, are a variety of ways you can be involved. Please do. Really, this is an amazing place.


You can also watch a video slideshow with more of Mandy's photos from her visit to Home for Life HERE.

Click Here to read Mandy's blog post about her visit.