Guest Blog: LuRain Penny Dreams A Better World

The Great Gift : Momo & Michael

We are proud to present this guest blog by the incomparable LuRain Penny, sponsor of Home for Life’s Momokun the cat who came to us all the way from Okinawa Japan.
Momo, as he is known, was born blind and was rescued by U.S. Military personnel at the request of the Japanese veterinarian who worked at the impound facility where Momo was found as a kitten. The soldiers who had helped Momo had just started a rescue to try to help the many forsaken animals  of Okinawa, so the vet reached out to them on Momo's behalf. Momokun means blind in Japanese. 

Like most non profits and businesses, I got Home for Life started on Twitter thinking it a great, free way to promote our mission.  I have stayed on Twitter because of the opportunity to connect with people like @LuRainPenny & @brontyman.  They have brought me and Home for Life so much more than financial support and sponsorship, though we are grateful for the contributions. Ideas are more vital than even money to an organization which needs to constantly evolve to remain relevant.   @LuRainPenny & @brontyman are always current, compassionate and insightful in their thoughts and information they share. I encourage you to follow them!

@brontyman is Dr. Mike Osaki, a pediatrician whom I met last year in connection with our fall gala featuring special guest writer @GarthStein. Dr. Osaki is his number #1 fan and was thrilled for us  that we had landed Garth as our featured guest. He became one of the sponsors of the gala, and has remained a generous supporter of Home for Life, with a particular  interest in our work with the disabled veterans  at the Minneapolis VA Polytrauma Unit, one of just four such facilities in the entire country: ( see our blog post about our work with soldiers in the VA Poly Trauma Unit:

Says LuRain about Dr. Osaki: "With a nod of beauty before age, whenever our twitter addresses are together he should be listed  first  as he did me the favor of sponsoring Momo in my name. He's a real Hero, who does good for everybody without asking for anything in return".

@LuRainPenny is a true original. She currently resides in Las Vegas, and  is a blues singer who has performed at all the  famous venues in New York City. She shares her life experiences and insights on her blog, a kaleidoscope of  amazing stories from an amazing life, philosophical musings moored to her years as a survivor who emerged with her soul and heart intact, music and all illustrated by the beautiful art of her friend @thecodifyer. I spent one whole evening exploring her blog when I really should have been doing work on the event and writing grants.

Here are some of my favorites from her site, including the  musical tribute to her beloved dog( see  you tube link).

The friendship and support of @LurainPenny and @brontyman mean the world to me and Home for Life. I hope you enjoy this guest blog post as much as I did.   

A short time ago, Twitter friend Julia Brown & I were given the most amazing gift.

Our mutual Tweet pal, Dr. Michael Ozaki chose to sponsor a kitty in our names at the most wonderful place.

His generosity is a testament to the kindness between virtual friends.

Momo at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center
It introduced us to Momo, the blind kitty whose story touched our hearts.

And to the Home For Life Sanctuary®, where pets live out their lives in love & peace.

A little about Momo; he was discovered by children in Okinawa, Japan. Since he was blind, he was taken to the local shelter where he was days away from being put to sleep.  He was rescued but no home was found for him. His health problems, which included seizures, made it difficult for the foster parents to keep him. Fortunately, Home For Life in Minnesota, USA was contacted & the rescue group flew him over on their own dime. They deserve a big hug.
Momo charmed his doctor, Dr. Christine Lim,
veterinary opthamalogist at the University of Minnesota
Veterinary Medical Center
Once safe at the HFL sanctuary, Momo was cared for by the staff where he is blossoming into a healthy, happy cat. When reading his bio, I was moved by how much he loves music. A kitty after my own heart!

The Home For Life Sanctuary®, is an inspiring place.  I quote from their home page –
Home For Life® is a new kind of animal shelter, the long-term animal sanctuary. We 
provide life-time care for the special needs animal, the cat or dog who, while still able to 

lead a quality life, is unable to find a home due to age, chronic treatable disorder, 

handicap, or similar reason.

At Home for Life®, our animals are not offered for adoption.

Once an animal comes to us, it truly has a home for life.

Through our example, we hope to discourage an acceptance 
of euthanasia for animals who can still live a quality life.

Just as apathy can become a way of life, so can empathy.

The example of empathy is furthered by our community outreach programs, such as Pet 
Peace Corps. Sanctuary residents that have been rehabilitated after past rejection and 

neglect are then able to give back. Through Pet Peace Corps, these animals work with 

volunteers and staff to help people who themselves may have been overlooked: children 

affected by domestic violence, at-risk teens, and the elderly.

True Humane Beings who deserve our recognition & support!

I encourage you to visit their website & look at the great work they are doing.

Consider giving them your help.

Either by donation or by passing their links along your social media stream.  100% of your contribution goes directly to the care and feeding of sanctuary residents.  Their administrative staff is composed entirely of volunteers. The cost for designing, printing, and mailing their newsletter is underwritten by a single generous donor. The web site and monthly e-newsletter are also volunteer endeavors. When I asked Dr. Osaki what prompted him to sponser Momo in our names, this was his reply;

When I find evil in the world I try to balance it by doing an act of good. 
You expressed such distress and dismay by a story on some drivers who deliberately try 

to hit animals. In your honor I donated a sponsorship of a blind kitten who had survived 

against the odds. You and Momo have a good spirit, so you share a common bond.

When Michael tweeted his donation, it moved me to tears. Both Julie & I were stunned
by his goodness, though not surprised. As Julie told me:

He is always positive and kind. He is also informed. I think he was the nicest person on

Twitter. When Michael contributed to a charity in our honor we felt like new parents!

This whole experience renews my faith in people. The rescue of little Momo, the heavenly sanctuary where so many animals are safe & living with the care they deserve, the incredible kindness & generosity of Dr. Osaki & bonding of Julie & I as adoptive moms; these small acts prove strangers united by Love create Miracle!

I thank Michael from the deepest part of my Heart for considering me worthy of this wonderful gift and look forward to being part of Momo’s life.

Together there are no limits to what we can achieve. Trust & Believe.

Every act of kindness evolves the species & moves us closer to a Better World.

Let it start here, now & with us.