What counts

This summer we had a video produced about our Peace Creatures® programs -- innovative, cost-effective model programs that bring solace and joy to at-risk kids and adults in our community through healing pet therapy. This year our sanctuary animals, staff and volunteers will reach over 7000 vulnerable children and adults through the Peace Creatures® programs and provide nearly $900,000 worth of pet therapy benefits to those vulnerable people, many who are populations who often don't receive this service.

These accomplishments would not be possible without our sanctuary. All that we accomplish starts with the belief that led to the founding of Home for Life® 22 years ago:Animals who need us are not a problem to be solved but an untapped treasure. We believe in the significance of every life we care for, and that the life of each cat and dog counts.
That perspective is transformative, a premise that creates miracles-From establishing and taking new ground for the most vulnerable cats and dogs, to creating a safer world for all animals by showing what's possible, to reaching out to the community through our animals who serve as ambassadors for our mission and conviction that all life is valuable.

As a supporter said to me in an email message this year " Home for Life is a sanctuary for us too because you show that there is still kindness and compassion in the world." That message made 22 years of hard work, trials, and tribulations, worth it.

The theme song, "One" was written by the artist Tina Dico, who is from Iceland and she gave us permission to use it after watching this video. And after you watch, you'll understand why it fits so well: One animal matters, one sanctuary can change the direction of animal welfare and one person can make a difference. Let that one person be YOU!

Our thanks to Hold Tight Video of Minneapolis for producing this video for Home for Life and to Tina Dico for the use of her song.