The Beach Party!

We were not going to explain why there is a Beach Party this year and not a pool party but we are getting so many questions, it might help to address the matter once and for all. 

Last year, 2022, a rescue group complained to the Department of Health about our Pool Party, because, apparently this group was not able to present their own pool event. The Department of Health went to the Town and Country Club on the Thursday before our pool party, and told them not to go forward with the pool party. They would not tell the Club who the rescue group or groups were that were the complainants, but told the Club the rescues were upset about how much media and social media attention Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary received as a result of the event.

The Club general manager and board made the decision NOT to cancel the event 3 days before it was set to happen. That day, their staff seemed nervous and on edge—but we thought it was just because they were up the night before for a wedding. No—they were nervous the Department of Health would arrive and close the event down. The Club didn't tell us until this year what had happened relative to the 2022 event.

In 2023, The Club and Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary wanted to present the pool party again. But the Department of Health threatened to withhold the pool license for the Club for the summer if they attempted to proceed with either their own dog event, Paws at the Pool, which has always been the day before our event, or the Home for Life® pool party.  The Monday after the weekend of dog events, the Club would close the pool for the season. Regrettably, there was no choice but not to present either event this year. It is too bad that this rescue(s) who instigated this mean-spirited petty action can't come up with an event but must ruin a day that brought so many people and their dogs a lot of fun and happiness, an event that was looked forward to all year.  We presented the pool party for years with not one problem. 

This year, we pivoted and presented a new event, the Beach Party. We were determined to make it great, another wonderful day for people and their dogs. We were very heartened when the event sold out within a week of the reservations being posted!

It was worth the price of admission to see the recreation of a country club at a county beach setting, the beautiful White Bear Beach located in Dellwood, MN—part of the  Ramsey County Park System.  The weather held, with partly cloudy skies, and break-through sunshine throughout the day, and temperatures in the mid 70s. Everyone from the deputy sheriffs and water patrol responsible for event security to the catering staff got into the tropical spirit of the day, donning leis.

With the creation of a whole new experience this year, Home For Life® Animal Sanctuary's Beach Party, we decided to do something different to commemorate the event, a video capturing the fun of the day in animation, and even some views of the party by drone!


We can't wait for next year's Beach Party—an event but more than a fundraiser, a special day to celebrate our dogs and all they mean to us.