Real Men Love Cats

Bob and Kristen Kowalski are long time supporters of Home for Life, one of their "pet" charities.They sponsor Benjamin Button one of Home for Life's cats: Kowalskis have also been generous sponsors of our gala for several years and are the former owners of The Wine Market of Mendota Heights MN. They are longtime friends of the sanctuary who like to relax after a busy week by stopping out to visit the sanctuary and our cats. They paid us a visit just last Sunday to visit Benjamin and our other cats to give them some extra attention. They have had the grand guided tour before so are happy just to spend time visiting with the animals and as you can see from the photo of Bob, above, are completely happy to make themselves at home by settling down on the floor with the cats.

Following their visit, they wrote the following email,asking for contributions for the animals from our Wish List. Home for Life can have no better endorsement than that of friends like Bob and Kristen who share their enthusiasm for Home for Life and their belief in our mission with their friends. We appreciate all you do for the animals at Home for Life!

My wife & I have been involved with the Home For Life Animal Sanctuary for several years, Home For Life® is a new kind of animal shelter, the long-term animal sanctuary. They provide life-time care for the special needs animal, the cat or dog that, while still able to lead a quality life, is unable to find a home due to age, chronic treatable disorder, handicap or similar reason. Once an animal arrives to them, it truly has a home for life. It’s located outside of Starr Prairie, WI about 45 minutes from St Paul. I am sending this out as a call to action. I understand that we all have our PET Charities (sorry about that); however, I ask that if this speaks to you in any way please help where you can. I will be glad to collect any donations and bring them up to the shelter. If anyone would like to tour the center with us on a Sunday to learn more about our furry friends please let me know. Some of what they are looking for is listed below.

The Sanctuary is home to over 300 animals. This includes not just the cats you see below, but also Dogs, Rabbits, a 2-legged Goat, Birds, and a Tortoise!

This picture was taken inside the Feline Leukemia house where the staff simply tries to make the cats as comfortable as possible while they live out their remaining days.

Queen or full-size futon mattresses, couches, and love seats for both the cats and dogs.
Premium quality canned dog and cat food such as Nutro, Nutromax, Precise, Wellness, Sensible choice, Science Diet, and Fancy Feast and Sheba for our finicky cats.
Metal Storage Building, preferably insulated, to store vehicles.
Gift certificates to Petco, PetSmart,, Lowe's, and Foster and Smith.
Dish soap, dishwasher detergent and laundry soap.
Odoban cleaning liquid (available at Sam's Club or through the manufacturer, Clean Control Corp.).
Top Performance Cleaning Solution, available at
Paper towels and bleach.
Contributions to our capital campaign. Our next goal is the completion of the Dog Training and Exercise Building. We are also raising funds to purchase 160 acres of former farmland adjacent to the sanctuary to prevent development that could disrupt the sanctuary's serene environment.
Contributions for fencing the meadows on our property to create more off-leash exercise areas for the dogs.
One or two snowmobiles, along with sleds that can be pulled behind them, so that we can more easily reach the outer townhouses during the winter to deliver food and water to the dogs and maintain their living quarters.
Thank You!
Bob and Kristen Kowalski